Foundation in Turkey: 1965

Layne Bowler history can be traced back to 1882 when the inventor Mr. M. Layne introduced the first vertical turbine to the world. This was a kind of revolution in the pump industry to get the water out from underground. Today and since 1965, in Ankara, on 42.000 m2 area, Layne Bowler distinguished engineers are working together in smooth and wonderful harmony; from sales to technical, R&D and production departments, all are using the latest technologies such as software, computerized and numerically controlled machines and machine tools to build and sell all kind of pumps. Layne Bowler is producing vertical turbines, submersible and line-shaft deep well pumps, sewage, geothermal, double suction split case, horizontal multistage and norm pumps. Layne Bowler is manufacturing Engineering Pumps for big capacities and contracting business on turnkey projects basis.


We can say also that Layne Bowler is building all kinds of “Tailor Made” Engineering Pumps. The suppliers of such Engineering Pumps are very few in the world; therefore there is no borders or limits for Layne Bowler’s market. Today, Layne Bowler is exporting its standard and engineering pumps to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. Let us Taste the Engineering by choosing Layne Bowler pumps.

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Export Products: Vertical Turbine Pump, Submersible Pump, Axial Pump, Sewage Pump, Geothermal Pump, Double Suction Split Case Pump, Horizontal Multistage Pump

Certificates: CE, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, EAC, TSE

Address: Bati Sitesi Mah. F.S.M. Bulvarı No:54606370 Yenimahalle - Ankara / Turkey 

Phone: +90 312 255 96 51  Fax: +90 312 255 96 50

Contact Person: Mr. Wissam MINKARA / Export Manager


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